Responsible Tourism - The Environmental Policy of Fairwind Charters

At Fairwind we understand that all businesses create an environmental and social impact through their activities and ours is no exception, but we are fortunate that the nature of our operation allows us to minimize adverse effects on our marine and coastal ecosystem. 

We actively try to reduce our impact on the environment by using our resources efficiently, disposing of waste responsibly and providing an environmentally and socially responsible service for our customers.

Our aim is to operate a sustainable, safe and responsible business.

You can help us reduce waste by storing your recyclable items separately from general garbage for proper disposal ashore.

You can also conserve diesel by sailing more!

Below are some of the measures and we undertake as part of our commitment to our policy.

Energy and Water Efficiency:

All our washing is line dried. This is our single biggest savings in electrical energy.

All the lights in our office are low energy.

One of our work cars is a Nissan Leaf.

All boats have been retrofitted with low energy LED light bulbs in place of halogen.

All boats have solar panels fitted to aid battery charging which reduces engine running.

Our office requires no air conditioning.

Our office requires minimal heating in winter. We have one small fan heater.

Water hoses have trigger heads, we always use the washing machine with full loads and the toilet has a dual flush mechanism. Our water supplier does not charge us as the amount we use is too small to bother about.

Our computers are laptops, that sleep when unattended. The only electrical appliance that is permanently switched on is a small refrigerator in the lunch room.

Our total electrical energy use is less than that for a domestic household.

Waste Management:

We provide a recycling facility at our base. This requires us to maintain the facility, sort the recycling and transport it to the nearby waste centre. We estimate that recyclable rubbish amounts to about 65% (by volume) of our waste stream.

We reuse virtually all of our printed paper. What is not used at in our office gets taken home for the kids.

All waste oil and oily water is disposed of at a recycling facility.

All boats are fitted with toilet holding tanks.

Environmental and Resource Conservation:

Wherever possible our cleaning products are 'eco friendly'. We purchase from The Eco Store.

We minimize our printing wherever possible and use less than two reams of paper per year.

Our brochures are printed on recycled paper using vegetable inks.

Community Involvement:

Kim is a trustee of the R Tucker Thompson Sail Training Trust

Kim is a committee member of the Opua Business Association and was Treasurer for four years.

Fairwind Charters supports Project Island Song

Economic Sustainability:

Fairwind Charters is a family run company and we recognise that 'sustainable growth' is an oxymoron. We consider that the present size of our operation and fleet is about right for long term sustainability.

At Fairwind we seek a long term continuing relationship with our owners. Some of them have been with us since we started operating. We believe that, as long as their vessels meet out standards for upkeep and presentation then that boat should remain in our fleet.

Fairwind Charters is wholly owned by the principals and has no capital debt.

And here's some things we could (or would like to) do but don't.....

Change the dinghy engines to four-cycle. Small two-stroke outboard motors pollute much more than four-stroke and the sale of this type of engine no longer being permitted in the EU. However manufacturers have yet to match the power-to-weight ratio and general robustness of the two-stroke (for this reason second hand two-strokes now command a premium in the EU!). We have trialed four-cycle engines and had negative feedback. Our work boat does have a four-stroke however. Outboard fuel consumption for the tenders is about 100 litres per year. This means that one litre of oil is burned along with this amount of fuel.

Use biodiesel. It's only available in bulk quantities.

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