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Fairwind Yacht Charters New Zealand

Fairwind New Zealand Yacht Charters. Main Wharf, Opua, Bay of Islands. Tel: +64 9 4027821 Mob: +64 274 789994

Responsible Tourism - The Environmental Policy of Fairwind Charters

At Fairwind we understand that all businesses create an environmental and social impact through their activities and ours is no exception, but we are proud that the nature of our operation allows us to minimize adverse effects on our marine and coastal ecosystem.
We actively try to reduce our impact on the environment by using our resources efficiently, disposing of waste responsibly and providing an environmentally and socially responsible service for our customers.
Our aim is to operate a sustainable, safe and responsible business.

You can help us reduce waste by storing your recyclable items separately from general garbage for proper disposal ashore.
You can also conserve diesel by sailing more!

Below are some of the measures and we undertake as part of our commitment to our policy.

Energy and Water Efficiency:

Waste Management:

Environmental and Resource Conservation:

Community Involvement:

Economic Sustainability:

And here's some things we could (or would like to) do but don't.....