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Fairwind Yacht Charters New Zealand

Fairwind New Zealand Yacht Charters. Main Wharf, Opua, Bay of Islands. Tel: +64 9 4027821 Mob: +64 274 789994


FairWind, like most charter companies, doesn’t own the boats in our fleet, but rather manages them on behalf of their owners. FairWind takes care of the marketing and maintenance of the boats and the owners receive a portion of the revenue that their boat generates.

Unlike other companies, FairWind does not sell boats (except on behalf of our owners), and our fleet make up is based on what will give best benefit to our owners and our charterers. From time to time we do have vacancies within our fleet, however, and if you are thinking of boat ownership you may wish to take into account the benefits of charter management.

• Let your boat pay you instead of you paying your boat!
• Claim back the GST on the purchase of your boat.
• Pay your expenses from tax free income.
• Deduct the interest on your loan against income.
• Claim depreciation on your boat and offset the tax loss against your personal tax.
• Enjoy the use of your boat when you want it.
• Walk on, walk off use of your boat. Let us worry about the maintenance.

FairWind will be happy to help you with your decision making and have answers at hand to the following common questions:
• How do you go about outfitting and surveying a boat to go into charter?
• What type of boat is best for charter and which one will give you the best return on your investment?
• How many days will your boat charter each year and what will be the ‘wear and tear’ under charter?
• What expenses and fees can you expect when you have your boat in charter with FairWind?
• How does personal use of your boat affect any agreement with FairWind?
• How long is the contract period with FairWind, and what happens if you sell your boat or return it to private use?

If you would like to learn more about owning a boat in charter we would be happy to talk to you. (Link for inquiry.)